curry favour

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seek favor by fawning or flattery

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Paisley LORD Advocate Frank Mulholland got it so wrong in trying to curry favour with the public by deciding there would be no charges against Harry Clarke before all the facts were known.
Police obviously wanted a pizza the action but denied trying to curry favour with the public.
A WHITLEY Bay chef certainly managed to curry favour with judges when his reputation for mouthwatering dishes saw him signalled out as one of the best curry chefs in the UK.
As ever with FIFA, this is all political, a vehicle by which to curry favour from the vast number of countries in Africa and Asia.
A CHEF from Middlesbrough was hoping to curry favour with judges at a national competition.
It is cheap to try to score political points or curry favour by making unrealistic demands.
David Cameron and wife Samantha's decision to dine at upmarket Diwan Balti in Moseley failed to curry favour with the city-born creator of TV show Citizen Khan, who dubbed the establishment 'unauthentic'.
What price that one of the intrepid trio tries to curry favour with the crowd by announcing the latest scores in the style of a best man at a wedding?
I WAS very surprised by the Daily Post comment that the city council has not "gone out of its way to curry favour with Tesco" by opposing a number of projects that company is involved in.
England may have sent a team loaded with big names to Trinidad in a bid to curry favour ahead of their bid for the 2018 World Cup.
Arroyo set aside her deposed predecessor's life sentence on Thursday, just six weeks after his conviction on corruption charges, raising suspicion that the clemency was designed to curry favour with the opposition amid mounting bribery scandals.
A bunch of young people who should know better run one another down in order to curry favour with an aggressive little bully called Alan Sugar.
How can President Obasanjo play such political games in order to curry favour with the West to the detriment of peace in Africa?
Instead, says Ms Walsh, only the wealthy would give gifts at new year, not Christmas, to curry favour among those in powerful positions.