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base and cowardly

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resembling a cur

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Betterboy and his currish cousins had sprayed the tyres, laying claim to my 'little white taxi'.
Dickens' Fagin in Oliver Twist furthers a negative portrait through demonic and currish associations.
With all the insults and epithets heaped upon this outsider -- he's called an old carrion, a Jew dog, an inhuman wretch, a fiend, wolfish, bloody, starved and ravenous, a cruel devil, a currish Jew, a villain with a smiling cheek, a goodly apple rotten at the heart -- Shylock maintains a self-control beyond comprehension despite all the expressions of personal demonization, even when being tormented by Jew-baiting street urchins ("Why, all the boys in Venice follow him/Crying his stones, his daughter, his ducats" [2.8.23-24]).
To give just one example, here is a sentence from Euphues's speech on the beauty of wit in women: 'Let not gentlewomen, therefore, make too much of their painted sheath, let them not be so curious in their own conceit or so currish to their loyal lovers.' (19) The anaphora, or repetition, of 'let not', 'let not' is aided and abetted by the alliteration of curious, conceit, and currish.