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Tribune Education recalls that the Federal Government recently directed the re-introduction of History into the primary and junior secondary school curriculum as an independent and mandatory subject, and consequently asked the National Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) to develop new curriculum for the subject and schools nationwide to start teaching it from the next academic session, beginning in September.
RAWALPINDI -- The Punjab government is re-designing textbooks and preparing curriculum and in this regard teachers gave their input at a workshop for the first time.
Teachers in Mandera on Thursday started training for the new Competency-Based Curriculum.
ISLAMABAD -- Technology must be utilized to improve and reform educational curriculum, President of International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) Prof Dr Ahmed Yousif Al Draiweesh said on Thursday.
Ahmed Yousif Al Draiweesh, President, International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) addressing the inaugural session of a two day national seminar titled 'Curriculum: Theory and Practice in Pakistan' said that technology must be utilized while making changes in curriculum at all levels of education.
ISLAMABAD -- The Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training has finalised new curriculum to be taught in primary schools of the federal capital from the next academic year, an official source told The Nation on Tuesday.
The new millennium education priorities have led the policy makers to modify the higher education curriculum in accordance with the international standards.
L'ouvrage, bien que presentant plusieurs notions theoriques du curriculum, du role des etablissements scolaires et de la sociologie de l'education, veut essentiellement revetir un cote pratique : aider a comprendre les dynamiques du curriculum pour mieux reflechir a l'Education dans son ensemble.
Modern Curriculum for Gifted and Advanced Academic Students
The main purpose of an integrated curriculum is to have a student-centered curriculum that engages students, improves student learning, and increases student interest.
Welcome to a special double issue of Babel on the Australian Curriculum: Languages.
International handbook of curriculum research, 2d ed.
KABUL (PAN): A revised curriculum was handed over on Sunday to chancellors of universities in Kabul and provinces, the higher education minister said.
This past year, my English department implemented a new curriculum, including a new capstone class, changing the class from one in critical theory to one in which the students reflect on their learning as English majors and craft a nearly 40-page senior thesis.
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