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In addition to creating and maintaining diverse library collections, teacher-librarians should work to integrate the use of multicultural resources into their library curriculua. Making multiculrural resources central to the school library program means that teacher-librarians should
These criteria were faculty, research contributions, source for future employees, department reputation, graduate and undergraduate curriculua, alumni visibility, and overall college or university reputation.
An Analysis of Undergraduate Information Systems Curriculua: Adoption of the IS 2010 Curriculum Guidelines.
Combined with the growing number of creative authors adept at developing imaginative story plots, creating resonant characters, and grappling with significant contemporary social issues, we are assured that many more quality materials will be making it into our school libraries and into our language and literacy curriculua.
"E-Commerce and the Undergraduate MIS Curriculua: An Exploratory Study," Journal of Information Systems Education, Vol.
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