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Brandao, "Native plant species with economic value from minas gerais and goias: a discussion on the currentness of the data recovered by the French naturalist auguste de saint-hilaire," Horticultura Brasileira, vol.
Focusing on contemporary, often still living composers, he grapples with issues of canon, content, and currentness in the only ongoing and continuously updated German reference work on music.
There also are great variations regarding the currentness and frequency of counting.
Regularly reassess the quality and currentness of your BSA/AML training program and tools.
Generally, the scope includes information about the database, such the name of the publisher, the currentness of the information, the frequency of updates, and a description of the documents contained within the database.
Also the issue of productivity, not emphasized by Taylor, has not lost the currentness. We can say that productivity still deserves more attention from the management of organizations, appealing to new concepts, either the increase of human relations or the quality of life at work.
Some chapters, however, cannot keep up with the currentness of the scientific discussion in pertinent journals.
As previously discussed, adopting the ASRM practice guidelines has the benefit of industry buy-in and currentness. Combining both coverage and clinical parameters in one regime simplifies the regulatory regime by eliminating the need for a separate enforcement mechanism.