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that part of the balance of payments recording a nation's exports and imports of goods and services and transfer payments

a bank account against which the depositor can draw checks that are payable on demand

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The number of current accounts held by personal consumers has increased over the period H2-2015 to H1-2017 from 5,144,522 accounts to 5,286,356 accounts.
The watchdog has asked banks to desist from the trend of not offering current accounts.
Figures from current account providers in Bacs' report also show that Halifax made a net gain of more than 28,000 current accounts being switched to it between July and September 2016.
Current accounts have no particular "use by" date, so many of us stick with the same provider year in, year out, without considering if we might be better off elsewhere.
Like Gagnon (2012, 2013) he finds a positive relationship between reserve accumulation and current accounts for emerging market economies.
Current accounts are big business for banks, which use the relationship they have with their customers to cross sell them other products.
uk, says consumers will need to bear in mind any fees charged by current accounts and cards to work out whether they will still end up in pocket.
Our five star rated switcher service, award-winning current accounts give people a compelling reason to choose Santander, and this is reflected in the latest results.
Experian, whose records go back eight years, said that in March, current accounts became the most targeted financial product for fraud attempts for the first time, overtaking mortgages.
Most banks do not usually remunerate current accounts with interest nor offer any value added benefits, usually on the assumption that giving full liquidity cannot be coupled with providing any extra premiums.
Some 65 million active personal current accounts exist in the UK, while there are more than 3.
LESS than two per cent of bank current account customers have switched provider since a costly shake-up was launched a year ago.
66 Percentage Contribution to Standard Error of Current Accounts With Oil Price Forecasted Exchange Current Period Standard Error Oil Price Rate Account 1 0.
The financial ombudsman recently reported that complaints about current accounts have rocketed by more than a third over the last year.
A) - Turkey's current accounts deficit went up 94 percent between January and October when compared to the same period of last year and reached a figure of 65.