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bluish black fruit-eating bird with a bell-like call

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However, nest predation decreased significantly when pied currawongs were removed and the results suggest that predation on nests could be contributing to bird declines.
We know that common native species can nevertheless decline and Bayly and Blumstein say it is possible that currawongs may be having deleterious effects on populations of small birds.
There is firm evidence, though, that pied currawongs spread weeds such as privet, and their greater abundance is not regarded favourably.
Effective long-term control will probably require alteration of habitats to make them less appealing to currawongs and more attractive to small bush birds.
Bayly KL and Blumstein DT (2001) Pied currawongs and the decline of native birds.
Other birds, such as the currawong and galah, have increased greatly, a factor seen by Recher as further evidence of ecological malaise.
THE pied currawong has increased in abundance rather than decreased, and the species has been implicated in the decline of other native bush birds.
But is the increase in currawong numbers really limiting bird populations or are their dastardly depredations exaggerated?
Species such as house sparrows, common blackbirds and common starlings, familiar introduced birds, featured prominently in the currawong prey list.
Few tears will be shed for these largely urban species, and currawong control in the suburbs could be counter-productive, reducing mortality in these alien species.