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bluish black fruit-eating bird with a bell-like call

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1962, My Own Destroyer: A Biography of Captain Matthew Flinders RN, Currawong Publishing Co.
Prof Joubert, now retired and living in the Melbourne suburb of Kew, designed Zeus II, a Currawong 31, which was overall winner of the 1981 Sydney Hobart, as well as other yachts that have won their divisions in the 628 nautical mile ocean classic.
A cheeky currawong comes up and sits on my work table, leaving its calling card on the scene breakdown for the next episode of 'On Golden Sands'--the soapie I currently toil for my living on.
Other birds, such as the currawong and galah, have increased greatly, a factor seen by Recher as further evidence of ecological malaise.
Satin Bowerbird Ptilonorhynchus violaceus, Pied Currawong Strepera graculina), including the migratory Topknot Pigeon Lopholaimus antarcticus that reaches its most south-western distribution limit in this study area (e.
7, and the 30-year-old 1981 winner Zeus II, Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron commodore Jim Dunstan's Currawong 30, looked outside prospects, as did Victorian Bruce Taylor's MB&D 36, Chutzpah.
They found that the pied currawong, emu, Australian magpie, satin bowerbird and black-faced cuckoo-shrike, were all tong distance seed dispersal agents.
Third place went to another past winner, the Currawong 30 Zeus II, which took top honours in 1981 for owner Jim Dunstan, currently the Commodore of the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron.
Neville, Australia's Coloured Minority: Its Place in the Community (Sydney: Currawong Publishing Company, 1947): 11.
Among the courageous smaller and older boats again taking on the rugged race south, which generally means five or six days at sea and a couple of southerly fronts, are Berrimilla (Alex Whitworth), the Navy's Lady Penrhyn, Sorine (Ben Adamson), which recently won the PHS division in the Lord Howe Island Race, Red Rock Communications (Chris Bowling) and, of course, Zeus II, the Currawong 30 that Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron Commodore Jim Dunstan sailed to an IOR victory in in 1981.
When she's not being an ACF Councillor you will find Margaret in her favourite place in her back garden that she shares with skinks and currawongs, or getting around on her electric bike which she says is "efficient and healthy and like being 12 again
Recordings of footsteps of birds called pied currawongs shush the nestlings of one of their prey species, the white-browed scrub wren.
Up in the canopy of the big eucalyptus swift parrots made a noisy start to the day and both green rosellas and black currawongs were Tasmanian endemic specialities.
The wilderness was an amazing place: the magnificence of centuries-old eucalypts; the tameness of currawongs that had not had human contact before; the wonder of the sparkling dew on the moss.
But they were the same youths who would admonish me if they thought that I was hurting the currawongs we banded as part of another program.