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a crusty irascible cantankerous old person full of stubborn ideas

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Well, I doubt if the legion of curmudgeons, cynics and hawks will be disappointed for long.
The title of the presentation was "Rogues and Curmudgeons: Special Challenges to Community College Leaders." I went to this presentation, which was attended by maybe 1,000 people, prepared to be angry.
Charles Murray, author of Losing Ground and The Bell Curve, has published a saucy, skinny little book, The Curmudgeon's Guide to Getting Ahead (Random House).
It was a nuclear option and it has been a monumental own goal" Tory MP Mark Field on the reasons given for closing St Paul's Cathedral "Short-termists, armchair engineers, curmudgeons and fault-finders" Energy Secretary Chris Huhne attacks critics of wind farms "I am 61, so I am not going to be saying I must work.
THE National Association of Curmudgeons (self as president for life and sole voting member) held its annual general meeting last week at a suitable hostelry.
Thus the tale of the Cofton curmudgeons delighted me for its illustration of the best of British parochialism.
Of course, I would not be rushing to take short odds about Youmzain beating Sea The Stars on 8lb better terms in an imaginary handicap but, as a suggestion, why not run each of the final championship races of the European season at level weights, thus denying grumpy old curmudgeons like me the chance to write the first sentence of this letter?
The equal-opportunity, grand-daddy longlegs of all curmudgeons, Myron Lieberman, manages in one volume to savage teachers unions, education schools, the Education Writers Association, the New York Times, the Washington Post, education research, egalitarian school-choice proponents, and conservatives Diane Ravitch, Terry Moe, Frederick Hess, and Chester E.
I have no idea of the kind of prestidigitation that was required in this author's mind to believe that libertarians, in general, would be put on the offensive by a "Merry Christmas!" Libertarianism, like all ideologies, has its share of curmudgeons. What makes the biggest difference between the way libertarians handle things that they might find offensive, compared with adherents of most other socio-political ideologies, is that we don't believe that the State has any place preventing behaviors which do not specifically violate negative rights or forcing people to accept said offensive behavior.
The book is recommended to Vonnegut's fans and all curmudgeons. Janet Julian, English Teacher, Grafton, MA
It is often the case that men, on turning 60, turn into grumpy old curmudgeons - but I am relieved to be able to tell you that the only thing Van has in common with Victor Meldrew is his initials.
Even balcony-dwelling curmudgeons Statler and Waldorf will flip for this four-disc set of one of TV's greatest, oddest variety shows.
Populists and curmudgeons will undoubtedly recoil in horror upon reading these words, convinced that this sort of culinary innovation is yet another sign that this great nation, so recently chastened by a brutal recession, is now once again becoming frivolous.
Why can't Mr Lewis and the other curmudgeons who write so miserably about our language take joy rather than gloom from something that enriches lives while harming noone?
Some Daily News newsroom curmudgeons have complained about the odd use of the infinitive, but Marketing Director Elizabeth Hansen said slogans don't have to make English teachers happy.