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(of hair) having curls or waves


References in classic literature ?
Curly Parsons bowed his head on the bar with a gesture of despair.
"Curly," said Peter in his most captainy voice, "see that these boys help in the building of the house."
"That," explained Curly, "is why we are her servants."
As they drew nearer and nearer to the place they saw in front of the buffet, which was apparently closed, one of the iron garden-seats with curly backs that had adorned the gardens, but much longer, running almost the whole length of the frontage.
The once gigantic Curly Wurly is set to get even smaller - as are other Cadbury treats as the confectioner drives to make its products healthier.
But when Curly the springy curly fry shows up, Chip knows he's in trouble.
The DJ revealed revellers keep chucking Curly Wurlys at him during his sets, after he once admitted that he misses the British chocolate bar now he lives in the US.
A story for all those with curly hair who ever wished for it to be straight.
So she came up with a whole range of products for curly hair!
Curly lands a gamble It was like the Cheltenham Festival with an Irish runner in every race on the card, and Curly Girl landed a gamble, into 7-2 from 5-1 in the morning, in division two of the 7f handicap.
By the time the first lyrics of the immortal song "Oh What a Beautiful Mornin'" are sung offstage by the handsome cowboy Curly (Brandon Springman), the musical's world and tone are well-established.
We've all been there: making the decision to go curly or not.
Photo Via 'The Curly Studio' Facebook page CAIRO -- 21 January 2018: Egypt just got its very first curly hair specialized salon that will help you ease your way back into healthy, heatless curly locks.
Specializing in sculptural curly haircuts and Organic Color services, The Organic Stylist attracts health conscious clients from near and far.