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a cylindrical metal home appliance that heats a lock of hair that has been curled around it

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What are curling tongs used for when it comes to afro hair?
Now all she has to do is learn to live without three types of deodorant spray, hair curling tongs, mascara and the internet.
The very versatile curling tongs have a tourmaline and ceramic barrel and come with a heat-protective glove and a keratin-enriched heat defence spray to help eliminate frizz.
AND Embarrassing Bodies giving this warning: "Inserting a pair of curling tongs in the rectum can cause serious problems.
On each floor is a display of eclectic, globally-sourced treasures, including bed warmers, curling tongs and hat moulds.
InStyler has become a much talked about product over recent months, with bloggers opting for the InStyler in place of their usual hair straighteners and curling tongs.
An intensive treatment could be just what your hair needs to give it back its shine, especially if you're an avid fan of straighteners or curling tongs.
Your subsequent request that she reveal a close family member's choice of hair conditioner, or whether she uses "big curling tongs or electric rollers" amounts to a gr oss invasion of privacy.
He was also pictured with nothing on but his underpants holding what looked like curling tongs.
MEET the woman who has swapped her curling tongs and hairspray for a welding iron and lots of grease.
My theory is that Andy borrowed Jamie's curling tongs, like, years ago and he's probably flogged them on eBay because now he's denying he ever took them in the first place.
Four teenagers in intensive care following a house fire may have been injured when a gas cylinder in a set of curling tongs exploded, it was revealed yesterday.
Electronic / electrical personal care devices including women's hair straightening / curling tongs, men's electric shavers, electric toothbrushes and the like.
Nor the fact that he charges PS90 to cut men's hair (although that should be a crime punishable by having curling tongs wired up to your goolies).