curling iron

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a cylindrical metal home appliance that heats a lock of hair that has been curled around it

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The Signature Series includes Gold Curling Irons in three-quarter-inch to one-and-a half-inch sizes; a flat iron with ceramic plates featuring the company's Pulse Technology for even and consistent curls; and a hair dryer designed to dry hair faster than a competitive mass brand, the company says.
In her dorm room, he viciously beat her to death with his fists and then with her hair curling iron. With his girlfriend dead, he left without calling for help and went on the run.
I decided to add an electrical receptacle in the bathroom so my wife could plug in her hair dryer and curling iron. Well, the closest electrical source was the water heater, and I wired the receptacle directly to the wires attached to it.
When asked what they'd give up second, they debated for at least a minute and then agreed the "backup curling iron" would go next.
She was thinking how she did it at home - using a curling iron. "So the next day she came into work and built a digital curling iron." Merida's hair used more than 1500 individual strands which, when added to curls, gives her 117,000 hairs in total.
Clamp a wide barrel curling iron in place at the top of your head and leave for 15 seconds.
Clamp a wide-barrel curling iron in place at the top of your head and leave for 15 seconds.
"Next, curl small sections of hair starting at the nape of the neck and up towards the crown using a 1/2 inch curling iron.
FUKUSHIMA, Japan - A man and his wife were arrested Sunday in Fukushima Prefecture on suspicion of seriously injuring their baby daughter by pressing a hot curling iron on her body, local police said.
Emson also displayed the InStyler, which Mishan described as the only rotating curling iron on the market.
"My son had an accident when he was 4-he's now 16-when he grabbed the barrel of my curling iron and got really serious burns on his hands." Fast-forward a decade and Rosdal left her sales career behind to develop and market the Hotty Hoody, a silicone-based cover for curling irons and other hot tools like crimpers.
By using a curling iron and the Curls and Waves products, women can duplicate the sexy, bouncy curls that so many celebrities are showing off today.
More than half of women in the United States blow-dry their hair at least six times a week, and some 70 percent use a curling iron or hot rollers more than once a week, says Martin, who also spoke at MARM 2001.