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Synonyms for curlicue

a round shape formed by a series of concentric circles (as formed by leaves or flower petals)

a short twisting line


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Pyelography demonstrating the "curlicue" sign is pathognomonic.
Larry pressed his red nose against the glass and twisted his blue tail into a curlicue.
She said she saw it do "a funny curlicue.'' "I thought, 'Is that some daredevil move?"' she said.
She added: "It did a funny curlicue. I thought, 'Is that some daredevil move?'.
An elegant and versatile option, Fashion Seating's Curlicue Side Chair is made of durable solid beech wood with a unique rounded design on the seat back.
buttressed the house up with stick pins curlicue pillows three beds for
Miller donned pink ears, a pig snout and pinned a pink curlicue to his pants.
Maybe that's why many of the deepest weirdos, independent musicians, have pulled back from band shirts and gotten simple, changing garish curlicue logos and embellished silkscreen for buttondowns.
There are loads of designs to choose from, including cutout dots and stripes, delicate curlicue designs and coloured inserts (like the ones above, which have been used to create a colour leaded effect).
And after a few rousing laps around the stage to the theme from the old TV show Hawaii 5-0, one woman had a brief curlicue of a solo to end the delightful proceedings.
Beside the Dunkin' Donuts is a holdout, an old, frame house with its name--Early Bird Cafe--written in curlicue script on the glass.
Best known for Spiral Jetty, a monumental curlicue of basalt extending into Utah's Great Salt Lake, Smithson was a radical who enjoyed musing on nature and the cosmos.
Olivos quietly amuses while stumbling through bas curlicue adventures.
(The curlicue fluorescent tubing rising from the base gives the bulb the look of an electric Dairy Queen cone.)