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a mechanical device consisting of a cylindrical tube around which the hair is wound to curl it

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A school team was chosen with a representative from each of our three classes.This team went head-to-head with the village curlers.The school won the first round but the village won the second.The deciding round was so close but the primary school just clinched it.
Elsewhere, Dumfries curler RossWhyte is competing in the World Junior Curling Championships in Canada.
This curler with a 28-mm tapered barrel is designed for beach waves and similar hairstyles.
London [United Kingdom], October 10 ( ANI ): After disrupting the house appliances segment, Dyson is back with its haircare range, this time with a hair curler that uses air vacuum technology to give you a new look.
Negates the need for lash curlers, with a curl-enhancing wand and lift-and-hold formula.
No need for lash curlers thanks to a curl-enhancing wand.
The Body Shop Eye Lash Curler, PS5 ( I found these lash curlers easy to use, allowing me to get in close to my eyelids for maximum curl.
Ten o twelve inches is enough for each, regardless of the diameter of the curler. Now, tightly roll the top of the fringe around itself to form a bunch (Fig.
STEP 3: An eyelash curler opens up gout peepers even more.
Helen of Troy debuted the Revlon Titanium, a curler and straightener with titanium plates for even heat distribution and a smooth glide.
The stone is released with a clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation (for a right handed curler this is termed in-turn or out-turn respectively) which will cause it to curl to the right or left respectively.
Revlon Gentle Heat Lash Curler is a temperature controlled lash curler that gently lifts and curls lashes without pinching or crimping.