curl up

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shape one's body into a curl

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Curl up holding outer thighs, elbows open and shoulders down.
Measure of Physical Activity Pre Post Mean curl ups 15.50 30.70 Mean sit and reach -14.30 -9.00 Mean press-ups (n=4) 6.75 13.75 Mean bench press (kg) (n=2) 16.50 19.50 Mean leg press (kg) 50.00 61.70 Mean standing balance (L) 20.30 23.10 Mean standing balance (R) 23.20 25.70 Table 4.
Toning exercises you can perform at home include press ups, squats and lunges, curl ups, back raises, calf raises, bicep curls and shoulder press using a tin of beans.
They have to complete a six mile hike in "full battle rattle" (body armor with bullet proof plates and helmet) with a packed ALICE [All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment] pack weighing about 35-40 extra pounds, successfully complete the Marines Physical Fitness Test (3 mile run, chin ups, and curl ups), perform land navigation, complete a written and oral exam among a board of Marines covering everything from weapon capabilities, to the code of conduct, and MAGTF [Marine Air Ground Task Force] structure.
CURL UPS: Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.