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Synonyms for curiousness

mental acquisitiveness

undue interest in the affairs of others

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Synonyms for curiousness

a state of active curiosity

the quality of being alien or not native

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They were significant, though, in extending the show's modes of reception: passive waiting, watching, and listening, for The Carnie; active compositional choice for The Cabinet of Curiousness, as the visitor spontaneously mixed sounds by opening the drawers in combination; and an intermediate position in the ability to both pick up and hang up the telephone, either triggering sound or ending it.
Nor does it at all diminish the curiousness of this matter, that to many thousands of our rural boys and young men born along its line, the probationary life of the Grand Canal furnishes the sole transition between quietly reaping in a Christian corn-field, and recklessly ploughing the waters of the most barbaric seas."
here, under your nose, here in the very curiousness and drollness and extraness of the iron and the bark" (332).
Better to float on the sea of things and enjoy the curiousness and mystery.
The curiousness is amplified when we note that throughout the twentieth century, the American public has consistently voiced support for some form of universal, national health care.
To add to the curiousness, in MP Madarasz himself translates action restreinte as 'restrictive action' (MP 11-12).
Although widely reviewed in its day, it has not traveled well to the present and even the angular curiousness of its title seems an invitation to set it aside.
The curiousness of the questions about Suzzallo's marital status, religion, etc., had more to do with their timing than the questions themselves.
The questions have ranged from gang-related to religious, from natural curiousness to understanding, from playfully humorous to sarcastic.
In a fit of curiousness, I grabbed hold of the string and started walking.
The obviousness, in light of the previous remarks about the Holocaust, should be apparent; the curiousness may need a little teasing.
It was not in the Brahms that one looked and not in solitariness and not in the old sad poetry but--he wrung his ear--but here, under your nose, here in the very curiousness and droll and extraness of the iron and the bark that--he shook his head--that--." (332, emphasis added)
This is the wind that blows over the curiousness of innumerable karaoke bars, an absolutely chaotic system of motor vehicle traffic, babies and adults wearing US Army paraphernalia, fast food restaurants and glitzy gas stations.
The curiousness of his approach here is brought into sharp relief through another comparison with the Ethics, where in book I Aristotle consults the opinions of both the many and the wise on the definition of happiness and indicates that both contribute to the attainment of a correct answer.(15) Why does Aristotle not consult the wise regarding wisdom in the Metaphysics?