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Synonyms for curdled

transformed from a liquid into a soft semisolid or solid mass

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Every letter of the ' Mine looks like it has curdled.
The moon became slightly confused, As it curdled and cooled by degrees, The milk, rock, and water all fused, Now the moon is all hard rock and cheese
But who first thought that it would be a good idea to eat smelly, old, curdled milk full of bacteria and mould?
Free school milk was usually left on the school steps for so long it was warm and curdled, or else it was so cold that a big sook gave you an ice-cream headache.
Washington, September 2 (ANI): Actress Milla Jovovich has confessed that she ate curdled camel's cheese when she visited Mongolia.
Louis quartet, alternates between anxious whispers and a curdled sneer; in "Snake Oil Man," he snarls, "War is just murder with a noble name" and warns, "Lock your doors / The Constitution's gone AWOL" in "The Kingdom Will Fall.
21 (VOI) -- Mouayad al-Lami, the chairman of the Iraqi journalists' syndicate, is undergoing a surgery on Sunday to rid him of the blood curdled in his chest as a result of a blast that targeted the syndicate building on Saturday, a journalists' rights advocate said.
A BATCH of 40,530 cartons of baby milk has been recalled after complaints that it had curdled - and made one baby "violently ill".
I mean, all the pandering and deception and opinion-mangling manipulation that goes into award campaigns screams for wicked lampooning -- and even for Guest's curdled, derisive attitude.
The minute amounts of curdled protein that may occur at the bottom of the pan will be caught in the sieve, and the remaining custard will be instantly cooled.
In Pfeiffer's reimagining, these fantasy spaces, usually stages for improbable triumph, become forlorn terrains of thwarted hope and unfulfilled desire, their cheerful ambiances irrevocably curdled with a wave of the cursor.
Milk paint was originally made with curdled milk, lime, clay, and natural pigments.
Here Rudnick and his longtime director Christopher Ashley are abetted by some hardy troupers, including Baker as Jane, Lisa Kron (of the Five Lesbian Brothers) as Babe and Rabbi Sharon, and especially Peter Bartlett, who plays a department-store Santa as an exquisitely curdled fairy.