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Synonyms for curbstone

a paving stone forming part of a curb

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The LED curbstone roadside pavements include plastic pieces with LED lamps inside in different colors.
An additional 1,229 parking spaces, a 17.5 km road network, pavement and curbstone works extending 34.8 km, and a 2.8km long fence, will make up the key features of the upgrade.
The police suspect the car hit a curbstone at first and then smashed into the concrete wall at entrance to a tunnel on a gently curving stretch.
She is the author of three books of poetry in Spanish and two collections of poetry available in the U.S., Riverbed of Memory (City Lights), and Clean Slate (Curbstone Press).
Kawaguchi died from brain injuries he sustained during the robbery as he fell from a streetcar and hit a curbstone.
But I had never heard of her until I saw the new English translation of her collected poems, Song of the Simple Truth: The Complete Poems of Julia de Burgos, compiled and translated by Jack Agueros (Curbstone Press).
An informal or curbstone consultation is a situation in which the patient is not usually seen by the consultant.
Dirt Road Home, by Cheryl Savageau (Willimantic, CT: Curbstone Press, 92 pages, $11 paperback) is a collection of poems that members of Congress might like to read -- the author has been a worthy recipient of grants from the National Endowment for the Arts.
I watched the raindrops hurry down To fall upon the street, To run along the curbstone All orderly and neat.
To lessen the attractions of delinquency for gang members, Shaw began what became popularly known as "curbstone counseling," or "street work"--going to where the juveniles "hung out" and offering them friendship and a sympathetic ear.
Ontario presently has about 30 stone companies which produce rough to finished products such as architectural stone, polished tile, curbstone, monuments and hedgerock.
Al Wathba has witnessed the construction of several infrastructure rehabilitation projects such as maintenance of the street leading to the water treatment plant, maintenance of internal roads, improving traffic safety, maintenance of several mosques, maintenance of roads and footpaths at Nahdha (phase 1 & 2), in addition to interlock, road markings, curbstone works at New Wathba and Green Market, and maintenance of traffic signs.
Steven Paris, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Manchester, campaigns; Gina Balkus, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Manchester, health care; David Cassidy, Centrix Bank, finance and insurance; Pamela Diamantis, Curbstone Financial Management Corp., loan executive; Darlene Miller, Manchester Community College, manufacturing and technology; Seen Owen, wedu, communications; Cathleen Schmidt, Citizens Bank, Tocqueville chair (donors of $10,000 or more); William Sherry, National Grid, services and communications; William Sirak, Citizens Bank, leadership giving Tom Tomai, Microsoft Corp., new opportunities; Robert Tourigny, NeighborWorks Greater Manchester, public service; and Alex Walker, Devine, Millimet & Branch P.A., professional division.
by Devorah Major Curbstone Press, May 2002 $15.95, ISBN 1-880-68487-X
Reprinted with permission from Curbstone Press from the forthcoming collection Small Hours of the Night: Selected Poems of Roque Dalton, edited by Hardie St.