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the side of a sidewalk that is bordered by a curb

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However, a caveat is that only a portion of their fiber is from curbside collected material.
Again, only a portion of their fiber is from curbside material.
Expressed on the basis of curbside recovered fiber, the impact is estimated to be between $5 and $13 per ton of recovered fiber for newsprint and recycled board produced, respectively, averaging about $8 per ton.
Remembering that producers can use a mixture of curbside material within their process, the estimated cost impact of single stream over dual stream is between 6 percent to 18 percent of the purchased fiber cost, averaging 11 percent.
The Delaware Department of Natural Resources (DNR) herd four public comment meetings in November looking for feedback to the concept of mandatory curbside recycling for all state residents.
11 terrorist attacks, private vehicles are allowed curbside at the airport, allowing passengers with lots of luggage, left, to get in and out much quicker.
And still the supply of recycle increases as new curbside programs and recycling plants start up (see PT, Oct.
Starting about six months ago, waste haulers say, low-value curbside materials like commingled bales of bottles and film began quietly disappearing into landfills.
In Pennsylvania: Curbside recycling is mandatory for communities with over 5000 people, and Philadelphia recycled 1.
In New York State: Some 400,000 lb of curbside mixed plastics were incinerated in November and December at a cost of $100/ton, after being stored and brokered several times because it couldn't be disposed of any other way, say recyclers involved.
Theobald said the city's two trash haulers - Hillside Rubbish and Las Virgenes Disposal - have agreed to accept the cost of adding a curbside green-waste pickup in exchange for a long-term, seven-year exclusive contract which they have worked out in neighboring cities.
Neighboring Agoura Hills adopted a curbside green-waste collection program in December 1995 with great success, said Mike Kamino, senior planner with the city of Agoura Hills.
A comprehensive study conducted on homeowners participating in the pilot program indicated that a majority favored a curbside green-waste pickup, said Carolyn Greene, environmental programs manager with the city of Thousand Oaks.
Next year, the city is scheduled to begin negotiations with local haulers for additional automated curbside services that would facilitate green-waste pickup.
Gatekeeper's dispatch software module allows operators to provide thousands of passenger pick-ups per day with multiple or single curbside waiting spaces for taxis or other commercial vehicles by dispatching them from nearby holding areas.