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the side of a sidewalk that is bordered by a curb

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The grocer began its curbside program in its hometown of Rochester, N.Y.
A report by Cowen & Company estimates curbside fulfillment could generate between $30 billion and $35 billion next year.
ANTIOCH -- The Latte Cafe & Bakery announced it now offers introduced Curbside Coffee, a feature that allows a customer to call ahead, place their order and have it delivered to their car, skipping the wait in line.
This nearly 75 percent increase suggests that curbside recyclers are, in fact, taking the time and effort to drop off their glass recycling.
Of those who feel curbside recycling could be improved or is not valuable, 54% indicate more public education would help.
City of Hernando Local Government Curbside & Drop Off
"We're grateful that the USDA recognized our Curbside Market as an upstream solution to not only building healthier communities, but as a means to support our local agricultural economy as well," Foodlink President and CEO Julia Tedesco said in a statement.
Pine Tree Waste, the largest provider of residential curbside collection services in Maine, was awarded a $9.6 million bid to provide trash and recyclable collection to the town for the next seven years.
"The removal of glass from the city's single-stream curbside recycling service has left many Houstonians without an easy solution to properly dispose of their glass bottles and jars," said Tara Brown-Selders, owner and founder of Recycle4U.
The proposed mesoscopic model uses a Cellular Auto-mata (CA) approach to track individual vehicles at the curbside where detailed vehicle movements are of interest while traffic dynamics everywhere else are represented as aggregate functions.
-- After a successful test, CVS Pharmacy has rolled out its CVS Curbside Pickup service to more than 4,000 stores nationwide.
CVS Health is also investing in Curbside, demonstrating the company's commitment to driving further innovations that will help customers save time and money while pursuing a healthier lifestyle.
in the chamber room of Town Hall to accept comments relative to a proposed municipal curbside recycling program.
Tens of thousands of Eugene and Springfield residents routinely rinse and set aside nondeposit wine, juice and other bottles and jars, then put them out for curbside recycling in specially marked boxes.