curb service

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service provided to customers who remain in their vehicles

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Long before the drive-thru, there was curb service.
The stores then offered curb service, staples, canned goods, salt, cookies, candy and, in season, ice-cold watermelon.
Turkish Cypriot authorities sought to curb services in the north because of a "serious and deliberate increase" in the demands made by Greek Cypriots.
These opponents also say Texas would be better poised to run a program without Planned Parenthood if Republican lawmakers hadn't slashed the state's family planning budget in the last legislative session, forcing clinics and providers to shut their doors or markedly curb services.
A CITY bus company is defending its decision to curb services to potential trouble hot spots on bonfire night.
We need to counter the tide by increasing our attention as pediatric nurses - as front-line professionals who serve the most vulnerable populations--on the matters of public policy that target some and could possibly curb services on which all children rely.
In the dynamics of our current health-care system, there are no incentives for providers to offer programs that can't be billed to an insurer, nor is there a financial incentive for them to curb services for their chronic patients.