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termination of the curatorship, the curator must file an accounting of
Curatorship means the central bank can appoint an administrator or curator to run the bank, which was thrust into the spotlight in 2016 when it provided a 7.8 million rand ($660,000) loan to former president Jacob Zuma to reimburse the state for upgrades to his personal home.
Tyburczy's penultimate chapter argues for queer curatorship, interventions in museum praxis that make present, and offer subjectivity to, a wide range of sexual subjects.
The stakeholders identified for construction projects are: clients, community, suppliers, operative and technical team, directive team, CEO, curatorship, financial entities and the government.
He says: "There needs to be a more obvious level of curatorship from Nintendo, filtering out comments, noting what isn't genuine."
Lasser, 'An Unlikely Match: on the Curator's Role in the Social Work of the Museum' (2012) 27:3 Museum Management and Curatorship 205.
There is also a fourth function, exercised, privileged, by the collective of editors/network caretakers/mediators/network curators, which is the support as curatorship. The curatorship can mean to promote the expansion of the expressive power of a particular post, or it could mean acting in the production of relevance to certain content.
The movement was launched in May 2007 by Mona Mina in an environment of renewed political engagement evinced equally in other movements such as Engineers Against Curatorship, launched in 2003, and Keffaya, launched in 2005.
The last event will be a three-hour master class on Curatorship with Lotker.
Gawad CCP, which is given every three years by the Cultural Center of the Philippines, recognizes cultural workers for the excellent quality of their works in research, curatorship, and administration.
Retail deposits, which comprise less than one per cent of the bank's creditors, have been met in full with no interest payment suspension, while wholesale depositors and senior debt holders will be offered to exchange their claims with new unsecured notes in the good bank at 90 per cent of face value (which means principal capital plus accrued interest as at the date of curatorship), implying a 10 per cent loss for related creditors.
The extension of the review reflects the fact that African Bank's restructuring plan is still in the process of being executed, and no new information has been announced regarding the bank's financial standing following its placement under curatorship. Accordingly, the review will continue to focus on the implementation risks related to the restructuring plan and gaining greater clarity on the risk that senior creditors and depositors might suffer higher-than-currently expected losses.
Vaughan Fashion Costume Curatorship, on her textiles research in Oaxaca, Mexico.
The library itself--owned and supported by the foundation under the curatorship of the University of Maryland--I considered a professional and academic extension of the electronic media that had grown from Marconi's experimentation a century before, and the Giants of Broadcasting was established in 2003 to help bring a professional focus on the history and traditions of an industry still imbued by the difference it has wrought in the world of communication, and told through the lives and careers of those who have had the greatest impact upon it.