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a person authorized to conduct religious worship

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The brand, Curate, utilizes wholesome, real food ingredients in six varieties.
PHOTOGRAPHER Rankin is returning to Liverpool to curate a new exhibition in the city.
The idea came from former curate (now retired Bishop) John Gladwin.
Chain drug stores are well positioned to harness this opportunity by leveraging what we are coining the "CARE" model: Curate, Activate, Reciprocate and Educate.
John Shibley and Thomas Pink of LSSU curate the "List of Words Banished From the Queen's English for Misuse, Overuse, and General Uselessness.
Delivering, in great detail, the conflicting views of a variety of influential curators, theorists, art historians, and artists, his dense historical read provides a survey of curatorial discourse, but falls short of investigating what it really means to curate today.
In addition, users can add the current song playing on the curate radio station to their own playlists; another first for the music streaming industry.
Baltic community programmer Ilaria Longhi, said the Create and Curate day had been an opportunity to give children more understanding of how exhibitions are put together.
But to curate examples of efforts consistent with the theme, the company has adopted a simple Tumblr blog.
They will explore the changing traditions of woven, embroidered, printed and dyed clothing and textiles from Africa and curate an exhibition using materials from the museum's collection.
Since September 2010, Ekstein Development, has donated the building's commercial space to non-profit organizations to curate a rotating series of art exhibits.
A PUNK-loving curate hopes to spread the Christian faith - dressed in biker boots, skinny jeans, nose stud and dog collar.
and is even about to seduce a church curate in TV's Emmerdale.