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a person authorized to conduct religious worship

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The Jesuit raised his hands toward heaven, and the curate did the same.
The Jesuit and the curate quite started from their chairs.
"Work slowly," said the curate; "we leave you in an excellent tone of mind."
"Farewell, my son," said the curate, "till tomorrow."
Bazin, who had been standing listening to all this controversy with a pious jubilation, sprang toward them, took the breviary of the curate and the missal of the Jesuit, and walked respectfully before them to clear their way.
Summary: The dancer will curate New Zealand's cultural programme at the global event
In the same way, if you find yourself stuck in the crazy urban jungle without the means to escape it, curate your own life and organize what you can.
MyJane is a Fullerton, California-based wellness technology platform designed to curate personalised cannabis experiences for women, delivered privately to their homes.
Bringing in an artist to curate a new series is a way to redefine the artist's role in a way that artists cannot help but welcome.
Beyond the endless cycle of production of exhibitions and programmes that has come to define the contemporary practice of curating, this other definition of the curatorial returns to the etymology of the term curate, lying in the Latin curare, from care, anxiety, worry, from the desire to work with the issues and contexts that unsettle us.
By introducing this transformational platform OSN has now become the first entertainment network in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to curate and provide an online platform where regional content creators can showcase their original material.
Litmus said that Curated helps subject matter experts collect, curate, and publish highly engaging newsletters.
The brand, Curate, utilizes wholesome, real food ingredients in six varieties.
PHOTOGRAPHER Rankin is returning to Liverpool to curate a new exhibition in the city.
The eight come from a range of backgrounds and will serve as curate in parishes across the Diocese of Newcastle, which is the Church of England from the Tweed to the Tyne.