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We will use the PLR analysis to compare the predictive ac- curacy of all the recalibrated models and also the combined model.
He studied at the University of Wales, Lampeter, and was a deacon and priest at Brecon Cathedral before serving a curacy at Clydach.
A difference with his bishop, Edward Walsh (1791-1872), saw his banishment to a remote curacy in 1849 and eleven years elapsed before his elevation as pastor of Callan.
However, with practice, you can develop sufficient ac curacy to get the job done.
When Loehe began his curacy in Kirchenlamitz, he was also in charge of several schools.
Marson's strongly expressed socialist views made it difficult for him to secure a curacy.
The design prolongs arrow guidance for improved ac curacy without introducing fletching contact.
10] when a shoulder disarticulation patient was able to discriminate 27 classes of upper-limb function with greater than 97 percent ac curacy.
5% rdg + 3 of rdg + 20 digits digits AEMC Instruments * 1000 mA to 20 A * 10 Hz to 2 Digital Multimeters * AC & DC basic ac- MHz Models: curacy 1% of rdg * 0.
According to the memoir in Public Characters, "a curacy of fifty pounds a year.
Johnson's curacy at Boldre was under the renowned naturalist and writer William Gilpin, who is famous for his biographies, religious writings, and especially his 'new class of travels', which were vehicles for his aesthetic views on 'the picturesque'.
The proposal is designed to allay fears that have been articulated and to make due provision for all people currently in the curacy.
Do you have a documented procedure that outlines the steps necessary for determining casting dimensional ac curacy, internal soundness, hardness and microstructure verification?
In addition, to more objectively verify the ac curacy of the codes taken from the interviews, each of the codes was revised by the interviewers so that the researchers could have a better and more precise understanding of the answers the patients gave to the questions.
With his long curacy at All Souls Church, London, and his work in the global evangelical field, Stott has devoted a lifetime to bridging the gap between the academy and ministry; all his writings bear ample witness to this interface.