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flavored with sour orange peel


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When the Second World War broke out he was sent to fight on the warship HMS Curacoa.
You can have fun with colours by using liqueurs such as Blue Curacoa, green Midori or Chartreuse, or even creme de menthe for a very fresh taste.
On 16 September he asked Commodore Wiseman of HMS Curacoa, whether apart from the 12th Regiment reinforcements from the Sydney garrison, he could also take these guns "with the requisite ammunition which the Colonial Treasurer prepared to place at your disposal".
A TO correct your previous answer, the Queen Mary sank HMS Curacoa. She was a lightanti-aircraft cruiser and not a destroyer.
Brenchley, Jottings during the cruise of HMS "Curacoa" among the South Sea Islands in 1865 (London: Longmans, Green, 1873).