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Antonyms for curable

curing or healing is possible


capable of being hardened by some additive or other agent

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Doctors are hopeful that since it is diagnosed at an early stage, it is curable,' she said.
2 million cost of the expansion will be offset by the company's ability to support continued sales growth of its energy curable products, including UV, EB, LED and HUV inks and coatings.
The global UV curable resins market is projected to reach USD 3.
UV curable inks and coatings are being developed that have the potential for widescale use in portable photovoltaics, electroluminescent displays, transdermal patches and organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs).
The waterborne UV curable resins market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13.
Stringent environmental regulations pertaining to volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and remarkable curing properties of UV curable inks would increase their adoption in the publication sector.
In a brief statement published late on Friday, the Swiss company said Peter Brabeck-Letmathe had been diagnosed with a curable illness and would need periodic medical treatment over the next six months.
This number is staggering realizing the fact that 70% of all childhood cancers are curable.
The resultant mixture is adapted to be curable in the presence of UV radiation.
Like many UV curable adhesives, it offers fast cure rates, ranging from 5 sec to 3 min upon exposure to a UV light source.
THE cancer afflicting India cricketer Yuvraj Singh is curable, one of his doctors says, and the player could be back on the field by May.
MD, "Optimization of UV Curable Acrylated Polyester-Polyurethane/Polysiloxane Ceramer Coatings Using a Response Surface Methodology.
The UV10TKLO-2 UV curable modified epoxy system offers optical clarity, high physical strength properties, and has outstanding chemical resistance.
That's why Katherine Miller's "The Curable Romantic: Advice For The Romance-Impaired", an impressive, practical, and 'user friendly' compilation of informed and informative essays on love and relationships is such a welcome instructional for anyone seeking help in figuring out who they should date, how they should conduct a proper (and effective) courtship, and everything else from the use of pet names to dealing with keepsakes after a breakup.