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curing or healing is possible


capable of being hardened by some additive or other agent

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UV curable coatings require direct UV light to initiate monomers and oligomers.
A brand new resin, NeoRad U-6288, has been developed which enables an excellent matt finish in 100%; solids UV curable varnishes and coatings, offers freedom in formulation and can be formulated into a soft feel UV screen coating.
The UV curable resins market is experiencing huge growth which is expected to continue in the near future, majorly driven by the highly growing Asia-Pacific region and intense efforts at the country level to promote environment-friendly products.
"Severe increases in acrylic acid prices, with more predicted, coupled with widespread shortages of most raw materials used in the production of energy curable inks and varnishes has forced the costs of these products up to a level that we can no longer contain" explained Nick Brannan, vice president of product management, Flint Group Print Media Europe.
It specializes in water based and energy curable inks, and serves the flexible packaging, folding carton, display corrugated, envelope, poly cup and label printing markets.
* Light Curable Adhesives for Automotive and Electronic Applications and the Benefits of Surface Treatment
"Raw material suppliers continue to consolidate, leading to fewer industry supply options to choose from and significantly higher costs in manufacturing inks," said Grant Shouldice, director, product management, energy curable, North American Inks, Sun Chemical.
Asia-Pacific is the world's largest and fastest-growing market of UV curable resins, which consumed more than half of the total global demand, and also a major consumer of radiation/energy curable products.
ImTech announces new patent approval for thermally ejectable UV curable fluids.
Vibrathane 5004 is a peroxide curable polyester polyurethane with excellent processing characteristics and easy injection moldability, according to the literature.
This product can function as a curable plasticizer, minimizing the conventional plasticizer to give better performance under severe conditions.
Allnex has introduced Ucecoat 7788, a cost-effective, innovative solution for formulators of water-based UV curable wood coatings looking to differentiate and customize their products.
XSER Coatings LLC has announced its entry as a new player in the UV curable coatings market.
Cytec Industries has launched the new Ebecryl 5000 series bioligomers to meet the printing industry's growing needs for UV curable inks that are formulated with renewable resources, and also provide versatility and performance.
Henkel Corporation has been granted a patent for a two-part free radical curable acrylic adhesive composition comprised of a first part comprised of at least one (meth)acrylate component; and a second part comprised of a naturally occurring filler selected from the group consisting of wood flour and walnut shell flour which inhibits free radical cure; at least one oxygen scavenger, and a monomer that forms a curable adhesive with the (meth)acrylate component of the first part, wherein at least one of the first part, or the second part also includes a cure system.