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capability of being cured or healed

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Knowledge regarding curability of disease was better among urban adolescents (86.
The appearance of reactions not only indicates worsening of the disease but also raises doubts about curability of the disease.
Unlike other competing materials, the unique chemistry of these monomers and initiators is said to combine the properties of UV curability, water and hydrophilic solvent solubility, and stability across a wide pH range.
However, the Investigators suggest that withholding screening also may result in failure to detect higher-risk cancers during the window of curability.
Endometrial carcinoma generally carries an excellent prognosis in terms of curability and recurrence.
In addition to a new, thin-film pre-treatment facility, the funds will also be utilised on a new E-coat paint that can be modified to each vehicle style and increase coverage and curability.
On the Curability of Certain Forms of Insanity, Epilepsy, Catalepsy, and Hysteria in Females by I Baker Brown.
The following June he was chosen superintendent of the State Lunatic Hospital in Northampton, where, for the next 20 years, he put into practice his views on the curability of insanity and the humane treatment of the mentally impaired.
Goldstein & Rosselli, 2003; Kuppin & Carpiano, 2006) have found that laypeople's beliefs about the biological basis of mental disorders tend to influence their beliefs about their curability and the efficacy of treatment modalities (medicine or therapy).
The goal was to create public awareness about the curability of childhood cancer, particularly childhood leukemia, and implement community mobilization campaigns.
Inter-correlation analyses between the four scales pointed to significant associations between the curability factor with personal responsibility (r = .
The cult of curability and the doctrine of perfectibility: Social context of the nineteenth-century American asylum movement.
In these scenarios age, curability of the disease and whether or not the patient actually requested PAS were furthermore manipulated.
This is suggestive of successful diagnosis and treatment prior to disabling symptoms becoming evident, improved education into the curability of leprosy, and decreasing concern over its stigma.