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Synonyms for cur

Synonyms for cur

an inferior dog or one of mixed breed

a cowardly and despicable person

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Finally, the subsequent filtrate was obtained to carry out the sampling analysis, and the difference of BDMCur, DMCur and Cur from the initial concentration at the different time points was compared.
The diverse articles in this CUR Quarterly issue and CURQ on the Web help with that rethinking and place UR at the center of higher education culture and practice.
The first Parnell's Carolina Cur was sired by a tiny feist named Pee Wee and a Stephens' Stock Mountain Cur named Kate.
A DEA model for the measurement of CUR was run after feeding the input and output variables into program equation 5.
Conclusion: Our current study shows a putative mechanism of action of Cur involving inhibition of the [Ca.
Tillie came away with a Waterford crystal bowl and a medal, as well as bragging rights that, given the chance, a common cur adopted from an animal rescue organization can rule alongside the purebred pool.
Sometimes, a married couple who has filed jointly in the past and made joint estimated income tax payments for the cur rent tax year, decides to file separately for the current tax year.
But even more impressive: Russell-Drumgold has run the program Cur 20 years with no finding.
The clothing is made from "smart fabric" with built-in electrodes (metal that detects an electric cur rent) that monitor the heart's electrical pulses.
David Hasselhoff poster from the late '80s cur into pieces by Liam Gillick and rearranged by Sarah Morris.
Markham, the institute's senior vice president in charge of cur riculum, gave details of the new CPCU program.
The first work in which Anselm mentions or alludes to unbelievers in any realistic sense is the Cur Deus Homo.
We live in a world where some countries enjoy a material abundance beyond the wildest dreams of cur forefathers.
It often occurs (occur is in the family, too) in the forms cur, curr, curs, cours.