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Synonyms for cupular

shaped like (or supporting) a cupule


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15) palpiform and 2-segmented; apex of distal segment conical and rounded, bearing 1 cupuliform membranous appendix with microsetae and 4 setae (l distinctly wide and long).
Subgenital plate cupuliform, with a thickened dorsal margin.
4a) (w = 650 [micro]m; h = 190 [micro]m) slightly marginate, with around 28 setae (1= 20-30 [micro]m) and 38 placoid (w = 20 [micro]m) and 10-12 cupuliform (15 x 20 [micro]m) sensilla, the latter located on the apical margin.
bidentata described here a certain variability was observed in the number of teeth on the mandibles, and the number of cupuliform sensilla on the margin of the labrum.