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cup-shaped structure of hardened bracts at the base of an acorn


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a sucker on the feet of certain flies

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They can contain a variety of other features such as cupules, astronomical bodies and other enigmatic signs not always fully understood today.
Cupules occur in Fiji, Tonga and American Samoa, and are found in a great number in the Marquesas, in Hawai'i and on Easter Island.
Face with dense cupules, 8 tibial spines--excludes Hekistolampus.
Although findings were based on samples from various types of formations that exist in Qatar, the study highlights the most common types of petroglyphs in the country called cupules.
To perform the assay, 20 [micro]L of the cell suspension was transferred into an ampule of ATB F2 medium and 135 [micro]L ATB F2 medium was dispensed into the ATB FUNGUS 3 strips which consist of 16 pairs of cupules, of which 15 pairs contained five antifungal agents at several concentrations, and a positive growth control was included that was free of any agent.
En avant des encoches naturelles qui permettent aux scripteurs de progresser au-dessus du vide, trois cupules de plus grande dimension ont ete creusees dans le sol.
The oldest known rock art is a 300,000-year-old panel of small chipped cups, called cupules, found in India.
Bednarik finds evidence of artification as early as 900-200kya, if one accepts carefully carved cupules and incised lines on rocks as examples of modifying objects and surroundings and red ochre fragments as decorating the body.
In many brooding chitons, spines or cupules are reduced, which is thought to allow for improved packing and storage of larger numbers of eggs in the pallial grooves (Eernisse, 1984, 1988; Buckland-Nicks and Eernisse, 1992).
A datacao relativa para a arte rupestre regional indica que entre 9-7.000 AP um bloco se desprendeu do teto da Lapa do Boquete, foi coberto por incisoes, depois por gravuras, depois por cupules, e finalmente quase totalmente soterrado (Prous 1999b).
The vulva glyphs in San Borjitas Cave in Baja California and the cupules at Morteros in Anza-Borrego State Park are more than likely women's birthing sites.
Therefore, the sienogranitic outcrops from Boi Unit are considered as small cupules or apical endings of a much greater volume of sienogranites which would constitute the core of the Boi unit (Buil, 2002, 2004) and it is considered that a significant interaction between percolating waters and sienogranites has taken place in depth.
Fifty seed with intact cupules were randomly selected from each imbibition treatment and placed in a box for germination testing.