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Synonyms for cupule

cup-shaped structure of hardened bracts at the base of an acorn


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a sucker on the feet of certain flies

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The formation of a pink color in the whole cupule was scored as a positive reaction.
Cupule removal and caryopsis scarification improves germination of eastern gamagrass seed.
Tige femorale monobloc a cimenter type charnley + tte inox ou cramique + cupule intermdiaire
Also, in some researchers the antibacterial activities of different parts of oak have been studied [10, 11], According to this fact, the present study aimed to screen antibacterial properties of the extracts of cupule and peel from oak against two positive and two negative bacteria.
Boismoreau tiene publicados numerosos articulos en el Bulletin de la Societe Prehistorique Francaise, entre ellos uno efectivamente de 1914, con un titulo similar al que yo cito: "Les Sculptures sur Rochers du Pre aux Canes, pres Saint-Mesmin-le-Vieux (Vendee): Pieds, Cupule, Fauteuil", Bulletin de la Societe Prehistorique Francaise, 1914, vol.
The hypogynous stalk together with the cupule was called "gynophore" by Haines and Lye (1983).
This hardened fruit case is referred to as a cupule (Galinat and Craighead, 1964; Anderson, 1985).
Cupule panels: a single complex has been located with five large and vertical panels of pecked cupules.
Une autre categorie d'outils est fort mal definie: ce sont les galets a cupule, interpretes tantot comme des endumes ou des percuteurs, tantot comme des mortiers, les cupules resultant d'un piquetage intensif etant confondues avec les cuvettes faconnees et regularisees par polissage".
Female flower and cupule structure in Balanopaceae, an enigmatic rosid family.
2002) tested the roles of the cupule and pericarp on seed dormancy of eastern gamagrass.
The mouth of each of the three figures is depicted by a single line with a pair of pecked cupule eyes.
He found that cupule removal improved germination of eastern gamagrass from 5 (cupule intact) to 40%.