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Synonyms for cupulate

shaped like (or supporting) a cupule


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Both species have a shallow, thick, cupulate floral cup, but that of S.
The combination of characters present in this taxon: small pentamerous flowers with cupulate hypanthium ending in a thick presumably nectariferous rim, triangular sepals with a prominent midvein or keel, thin clawed cucullate petals alternating with the sepals, and stamens opposite to the petals is not found in the Solanaceae or even in the Asteridae, but in the Rhamnaceae, a family that is today classified with the Order Rosales in the Rosid clade (APG, 1998, 2003).
The pure seed unit is a caryopsis enclosed by the cupulate fruit case.
Cupulate seeds of Hydrasperma Long from Berwickshire and East Lothian in Scotland and County Kerry in Ireland.
tubular, clavate corolla), with basal bladeless cupulate appendages (vs.
influence on several aspects of cupulate fruit-wall morphology, both in
rounded), bearing at the base cupulate appendages (vs.