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a mineral consisting of cuprous oxide that is a source of copper

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As biodiesel is an oxygenated fuel, pits are formed by replacing oxygen ion from cuprite oxide through the damage of copper oxide layer from exposed copper surface.
Mentioned previously, changes in charge on copper ions correspond to the color differences between malachite and cuprite gemstones.
Cuprite. To illustrate the use of the hyperspectral analysis process, a sample scene covers the Cuprite mining district in western Nevada, USA, from NASA's Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS) is provided.
For a further ten samples the main component was found to be one of the following: amorphous carbon, calcite (CaC[O.sub.3]), cuprite ([Cu.sub.2]O), goethite (FeO(OH)), and elemental silicon or talc ([Mg.sub.3][Si.sub.4][O.sub.10][(OH).sub.2]).
Ultra fine, phase pure, octahedral cuprous oxide (nCOP) nanoparticles with cuprite structure were synthesized in the lab.
Ground-Truthing Aviris Mineral Mapping at Cuprite, Nevada.
XRD analysis showed that CdPb[O.sub.3], [Cu.sub.2]O (cuprite), ZnO, NiC[O.sub.3] (gaspeite), and NiO heavy metal compounds were present in the compost samples (Fig.
It was found that in copper containing mixture cinnabar acted as a reducing agent which transformed tenorite (CuO) to Cuprite (Cu2O) however by the addition of sulphur to mixture tenorite was not reduced to cuprite and copper sulfide was formed at temperatures between 300-500oC and transformed to CuSO4 and (CuO.
Areas lacking the silver coating contained copper corrosion products, including cuprite and atacamite.
The images are Low Altitude, Lunar Lake, Jasper Ridge, and Cuprite. Each test remote sensing images number is three.
Mining extracted ferruginous silicified slate with copper carbonates (malachite and azurite) passing into cuprite, native copper and minor chalcocite in what appears to be a classic supergene profile.
The standards selected for Cu were azurite ([Cu.sub.3][(C[O.sub.3]).sub.2][(OH).sub.2]), calcosiderite (Cu,[Fe.sub.6][(P[O.sub.4]).sub.4][(OH).sub.8].4([H.sub.2]O O)), cuprite ([Cu.sub.2]O), libethenite ([Cu.sub.2](P[O.sub.4])(OH)), malachite ([Cu.sub.2](C[O.sub.3])[(OH).sub.2]), nissonite ([Cu.sub.2][Mg.sub.2][(P[O.sub.4]).sub.2][(OH).sub.2].5([H.sub.2]O)), pseudomalachite ([Cu.sub.5][(P[O.sub.4]).sub.2][(OH).sub.4]), tenorite (CuO), and CuS[O.sub.4].
J.C, 2003, Mapping hydrothermally altered rocks at Cuprite, Nevada, using the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) a new satellite imaging system" V.95, P.1019-1027