cupric acetate

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a blue or green powder used as a paint pigment


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The starting materials used in this work were cupric acetate (monohydrate) (CuAc [sub]2 .2H [sub]2 O), sodium hydroxide, and glacial acetic acid obtained from Merck, India.
A typical synthesis of CuO NPs was carried out as follows: 0.1 mol/L of cupric acetate and 0.2 mol/L of glacial acetic acid were dissolved in 50 ml of double distilled water.
When the temperature is lower or the time is shorter, it is hard to reduce cupric acetate to cuprous oxide completely, whereas if the temperature is too high or the reaction time is too long, it is easy to get copper rather than cuprous oxide [14].
New N- and O-arylations with phenylboronic acids and cupric acetate. Tetrahedron Lett., 1998, 39, 2933-2936.