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a vertical cylindrical furnace for melting iron for casting

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a roof in the form of a dome

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The cupola is an octagon, with several windows, and a door opening upon the roof.
The row of return on the banquet side, let it be all stately galleries: in which galleries let there be three, or five, fine cupolas in the length of it, placed at equal distance; and fine colored windows of several works.
Here and there rose a white or silvery figure in the waste garden of the earth, here and there came the sharp vertical line of some cupola or obelisk.
and the fat widow with the brandy-bottle, took their places inside--how the porter asked them all for money, and got sixpence from the gentleman and five greasy halfpence from the fat widow--and how the carriage at length drove away--now threading the dark lanes of Aldersgate, anon clattering by the Blue Cupola of St.
At the right, gleaming in the sun, were the five golden cupolas of a splendid church, whose bells rang out, as if they would summon people from all corners of the earth to come and behold the wonder.
Build up my castle again, and join it to the King's Palace with a crystal bridge; do not forget the trees with the golden and silver apples, and with the birds of Paradise in the branches; and put back the church with the five cupolas, and let the bells ring out, summoning the people from the four corners of the kingdom.
Moscow seen from the Poklonny Hill lay spaciously spread out with her river, her gardens, and her churches, and she seemed to be living her usual life, her cupolas glittering like stars in the sunlight.
She showed him an Eastern town with flat roofs and cupolas and minarets.
As she approached her destination, the cab passed--by merely crossing a road--from a spacious and beautiful Park, with its surrounding houses topped by statues and cupolas, to a row of cottages, hard by a stinking ditch miscalled a canal.
LEOMINSTER - The cupola that topped City Hall and was sent out for repairs was delivered to the building on Tuesday, but it still has not been put back in place.
The cupola furnace baghouse at Acme Foundry, Coffeyville, Kan.
Work is now complete on the installation of a mosaic composition on the cupola at St Savas Cathedral, Belgrade, organised by Gazpom Neft.
India-based digital transformation company Happiest Minds Technologies has acquired India-based IoT engineering company Cupola Technology, adding complementary frameworks, ready-to-use solutions and marquee customers to expand its IoT business, the company said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 12, 2017-Happiest Minds Acquires Indian IoT Engineering Firm Cupola Technology