cupid's dart

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south European plant having dark-eyed flowers with flat blue rays

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In no other letter, either before or after, does James use allegory ("Dame Cynthia has oft renewed her horns and innumerable times supped with her sister Thetis," meaning "it has been a long time since I sent the poem to you" (12)) or invoke "Cupid's dart" (which we will return to below).
CAPRICIOUS MOODS Sometimes a whisper can be louder Than a scream, A sigh more emotional than The nightmare you dream, A tear brushed away more meaningful Than indulgence wept, Sadness held in the eyes more powerful Than words inept, A smile more poignant than laughter, The purveyor moved, so profound, The silence of no word spoken, idyllic, Defeating onrushing human sound, As shadows match the mood, or as The gentle breeze brushes the skin, Birdsong, flower faces, a flake of virgin snow Is awesome and without sin, Quietness, stillness, harmony between lovers, The tenderness of the heart, Passion in its many facets, capricious in its mood, Remnants of Cupid's dart.
The bar is packed with singletons looking for love, and as well as cupid's dart they have an extra ace up their sleeve - psychic readings ...
It's just that when Cupid's dart hits the target, the middle classes are better at articulating the anguish.
LINGFIELD: 2.20 Cupid's Dart, 3.20 Hugwity (nap), 3.50 Brutal Fantasy, 4.20 Sleave Silk.
Cute as Cupid's dart - that's While You Were Sleeping (PG), a feel- good romantic comedy .
Performing Magic, Henry Cecil's first juvenile runner of the year, went off at odds-on but finished only third, having started slowly and then been carried into the middle of the track by Cupid's Dart, who had lost rider Warren O'Connor when hampered soon after the start.
If Cupid's dart didn't find its mark recently the prospects are still exciting for meeting a potential new partner.
A real Cupid's dart of a movie, it zings straight at our hearts.
A real Cupid's dart of a film, it zings an arrow straight at our hearts.
Cupid's dart, Catananche caerulea 'Major' has thin blueish green leaves and forms clumps up to two foot tall and with a spread of about one foot.
If you are single, you may have to duck this evening as Cupid's darts are flying all around.
If you are single, Cupid's darts are flying all around you.
Expect to find yourself on the receiving end of one of Cupid's darts. Romance increases in leaps and bounds.
If you were recently the target of one of Cupid's darts you will be basking in the glow of a new love now.