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the attendant (usually an officer of a nobleman's household) whose duty is to fill and serve cups of wine

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1) Jane Chance (1986: 4-6) identifies three roles played by peace-weavers in the halls: she might be a counsellor, she rewarded warriors with treasure and performed the function of a cupbearer at feasts.
Which moon in the solar system is named after the cupbearer to the Greek gods?
The mystics have seen in this word ummi an expression of the mystery of Muhammad's extremely close relationship with God: he was not only the cupbearer who offered the world the wine of Divine wisdom and guidance, but rather he was, as Rumi says, the vessel through which this wine was offered to mankind.
Arya Stark's service as cupbearer to the leonine patriarch Tywin Lannister, which produced some of the most spine-tingling and poignant moments in Season 2, is another major change that works much better, thematically, than her original role serving the "leech lord" Roose Bolton.
His talk with the cupbearer, Saqi, requesting a glass of rose-coloured wine indicates this observation.
Owning the Norgate text placed Lord Fairfax into a "virtuoso culture" that included Elias Ashmole (1617-92), who performed "secret [al]chemical experiments" and mastered heraldry drawing, and Sir Thomas Hanmer (1612-78), former cupbearer to Charles I who fought for the king in the Civil War and retired to his estate during the Interregnum, devoting himself to gardening and writing a handbook on gardening (Muller and Murrell 16).
Which beautiful youth in Greek mythology was the cupbearer to the gods?
Soon the hick from Brokesby was appointed royal cupbearer.
He took his pen name from the cupbearer in the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam translated by Edward FitzGerald in 1859.
32) Rumi describes that the Prophet Muhammad is not only the cupbearer but rather the very goblet that contains the wine of Divine Love, a fine allusion to his quality as the ummi receptacle of the Divine word?
On top of this King Shokli is attempting to make the daughter of the Khan of Khans Bayindir Khan's, wife of Kazan Khan, infidels' cupbearer.
This time, in the Book of Nehemiah, the resurrection happened through God's call to Nehemiah, the Jewish cupbearer to Autoxerxes, ruler of the empire that included what had been Israel.
When another court faction, which included Francis Bacon, opposed Somerset's relations to the pro-Spanish and Catholic Howard family, its members recruited George Villiers, described by all who saw him as "the handsomest bodied man in England," as cupbearer at the royal table.
The former, entitled "Masters and Minions," focuses not on a myth but an image, the moment when Jupiter in the form of an eagle wafts Ganymede to heaven to be his cupbearer.