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the attendant (usually an officer of a nobleman's household) whose duty is to fill and serve cups of wine

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1:10), is also used to describe the faces of the cupbearer and butler after dreaming their dreams, zoafim (Gen.
3) Before attempting the poem in English, FitzGerald had translated it first into "Monkish Latin," for which he uses masculine forms to connote the speaker's cupbearer and beloved.
515) as he follows Gandalf out of the darkness of his hall, and she is the cupbearer who offers both the wine of hospitality and the cup of parting to the king and his guests: "Ferthu Theoden hal
In our country, great rulers always had by their side a cupbearer, a trustworthy servant whose job was to taste the wine, so the king wouldn't get poisoned.
14) According to Shari Horner, "[h]er transformation from a silent cupbearer to a commanding speaking presence is a rewriting of the peace-weaver's role and a disruption of it as well.
Which moon in the solar system is named after the cupbearer to the Greek gods?
More importantly, Kohlhaas's judicial avenue of redress is blocked by circumstantial luck regarding the familial relations in the Saxon court: the court cupbearer and chamberlain--the noblemen Hinz and Kunz--happen to be cousins of the Junker Wenzel von Tronka (22), and Kohlhaas's potential advocate, Count Kallheim, the chanceilor of the Elector of Brandenburg, happens to be related by marriage to Tronka (24).
The mystics have seen in this word ummi an expression of the mystery of Muhammad's extremely close relationship with God: he was not only the cupbearer who offered the world the wine of Divine wisdom and guidance, but rather he was, as Rumi says, the vessel through which this wine was offered to mankind.
12) One Midrash discusses her as the daughter of Potiphar (whose wife tried to seduce Joseph, which got him thrown into prison, which led to him meeting the cupbearer of the Pharaoh, which led to him interpreting the Pharaoh's dreams, which led to him becoming prime minister, which led the Israelites to Egypt, which led to.
They read him a letter written by Ezra the scribe, the son of Ephraim, who is the brother-in-law of Phineas, who is a friend of Nehemiah who was the cupbearer to the King of Babylon during the captivity of the consent decree, which is a warning that he has five minutes to live.
In Greek mythology, Hebe, the divine cupbearer to the gods, poured the golden nectar of eternal youth.
This new persona is very different from usual constructions of Twain as skeptical iconoclast; it more closely resembles the fussy prudery of the royal cupbearer, his surrogate as storyteller in 1601.
Suetonius also tells us that in a crowded assembly a certain Octavius addressed Caesar as "queen" and that Gaius Memmius, a supporter of Pompey at the time, made the charge that he acted as the cupbearer of Nicomedes and his guests at a dinner party.
Thomas in his Catholic Homilies, a collection in which several other apostolic lives appear, on the grounds that Augustine objected to an ungeleaflic (incredible) episode in the narrative in which the hand of a cupbearer who struck Thomas at a banquet is later returned to the banquet in a dog's mouth.
His talk with the cupbearer, Saqi, requesting a glass of rose-coloured wine indicates this observation.