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hook (usually on the underside of a shelf) for hanging cups

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Illustrating a digital signature requires using the cup hook referred to above.
Wire hardware includes eyebolts, U-bolts, cup hooks and various threaded wire configurations.
If you want to, you can sand the part of the dowel above the whorl so it tapers to the edges of the cup hook.
Or, make your own zipper pull by screwing a small cup hook into a dowel.
Install cup hook (to secure string when curtain is raised) in the 1/2-inch dowel, about 3 inches from the right-hand end.
Hang your birch branches and foliage from the ceiling with cup hooks and twine, then tie on your Easter eggs in varying positions and at different heights.
Get them on display; you can either use a modern mug tree (forget wooden 80s monstrosities - there are some stunning ones on the market); wall-mounted cup hooks or - room permitting - a display cupboard.
Supplies needed: wooden crate, cork tile, fabric, tape measure, scissors, hot glue gun, cup hooks, T-pins, sawtooth hangers.
They were housed behind a cretonne curtain patterned with yellow and black geometric shapes threaded onto curtain wire, which was pulled tight across the sink and fastened onto two cup hooks. On one side was a pile of cake tins and a measuring jug stamped with the name 'Tala'.
As the curtains were purely decorative, she made a curtain pole from a thick piece of dowl and used cup hooks for brackets.
8 3/4-inch screws that will be used to fasten the lights to the frames or for the cup hooks from which the chains will be hung.
The scheme intends to replace goals made before 1996 (when British Standards were produced); goals with metal cup hooks on posts and crossbars - which will be considered illegal from the 07/08 season; wooden goalposts; freestanding goalposts; mini-soccer goals which have parts missing; and rusted goalposts.