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Synonyms for cunt

a person (usually but not necessarily a woman) who is thoroughly disliked

obscene terms for female genitals

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We're nobodies because a piece of software now remembers our friends' birthdays for us, and because we see so many virtual, perfect pricks and tits and cunts that the real things, so beautifully imperfect, no longer thrill us so much.
"It's like this...There are cunts which laugh and cunts which talk; there are crazy, hysterical cunts [...], seismographic cunts [...], cannibalistic cunts," "masochistic," "dithyrambic," "porcupine," "telegraphic," "political," "mammalian," "glacial," and "miscellaneous cunts which defy category or description, which you stumble on once in a lifetime and which leave you seared and branded" (Capricorn 194-5).
I examine here the consequences of the representation of drag queens in the light of contemporary theorising on Scottish masculinity and with reference to two Scottish fictions, Barr's play and Irvine Welsh's 'A Smart Cunt: a novella', from his collection The Acid House (1994).
To some men--even the men who loved us before they raped us or beat us or murdered us we are all cunts. For ourselves--and for the women and girls of Congo, Gaza, Iraq and every other nation where women are being eviscerated in body and spirit--we must stand up and speak out against that global terrorism of women and girls.
In part II, The Anatomical Jewel, she analyzes why having a cunt has led to all sorts of cultural customs that force women to hate their bodies.
She argues that even a nightmarish fabliau woman, in tales whose authors allow her to speak, calls into question the assumption (evident in titles like "The Knight Who Made Cunts Speak") that speaking heads, in women, have been displaced by defective lower bodies.
David - who famously sabotaged his own chance of being knighted whenemails were leaked in 2017 to show he described the honours committee as "a bunch of cunts"after he was overlooked for the honour - has seen is own post 'liked' over one million times in less than 24 hours.
Case in point: Suss Cunts 7" Get Laid on Emotional Response Records.
Sarah Lucas's sculptures--all cracks and bulges, surrogate cunts, nipples, tits, and dicks--seem to exist forever suspended in that fleeting preteen moment of wide-eyed initiation into the hideous delights of sex.
Like the Quays' and Lynch's hungry houses, Coover's House of Rue contains "deep dells," pits and pendulums; clocks like cunts split open, their works springing out like wild hairs (Charlie in the House of Rue)--an image which precedes and evokes the Quays exactly.
More explicitly than in Atomised, Farquhar here renders sex an abstraction; and the joke of those lifeless shells "turning on" these pinball-machine cunts is hilariously blunt.
Men don't need more permission to see us only as walking cunts and pussy.
I got back from a holiday in Cambodia to find my favorite table burnt by Dustin Dollin and 30 other skater cunts. I was told to write you for money by my mates 'cause you've got some magazine.
Posters function best when they attract attention from a distance, and while Kayrock and Wolfy's work succeeds by this criterion, more entertaining are the small details one might miss on the fly: a snowman smoking a pipe in a poster for Nada Surf's tour, or the small isolated faces of Bush, Condi, Colin, Rummy, and, yes, Hitler, in one for a show by The First Lady of Cuntry & The Cunts. Although some graffiti scrawls offer a reminder of silk screen's manual methods, the pair's technical proficiency is manifest in the ornate Victorian etching in one poster for the Rapture, for example, and in the chromatic range they achieve even when working in only two or three colors.