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common in north Atlantic coastal waters of the United States

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New York Bight Atlantic cod, gray trigger fish, scup, black sea bass, tautog, ocean pout, red hake, conger eel, cunner, sea raven, Hemitripterus americanus; and rock gunnel have been reported on reefs in this area (Westman, 1958; Briggs, 1975; Steimle and Ogren, 1982; Woodhead et al., 1985; Figley and Dixon, 1994).
Southern New England Scup, black sea bass, tautog, Atlantic cod, ocean pout, red hake, conger eel, cunner, sea raven, and radiated shanny, Ulvaria subbifurcata, have been reported on these reefs (Alfieri, 1975; Carr and Amaral, 1981).
Nudibranchs from the two collection sites showed the same trends when exposed to cunner, but the response was not significant for the specimens from Nubble (Fig.
In this article, we report on the correlation between measures of reproductive output in laboratory-exposed adult cunner of both sexes and male plasma vitellogenin expression.
In laboratory studies, we gathered data on egg production, egg viability, egg fertility, sperm motility (presence or absence), male GSI, and male plasma vitellogenin concentrations in cunner over a series of exposure experiments to 17[beta]-estradiol, 17[alpha]-ethynylestradiol, and estrone.
The eggs of cunner and cod from our samples had an average diameter of 0.86 and 1.3 mm, whereas the modal length of capelin from our collections was approximately 130 mm, making the eggs ~1% of the predator's body length.
Cunner, 7.3-10.5 cm in body length, were initially anesthetized in 0.03% ethyl-m-aminobenzoate; when respiration ceased, they were transferred to a holding chamber where a 0.015% solution of the anesthetic was passed through the mouth and over the gills of the fish.
The cunner has between 35 and 40 supramedullary/dorsal cells.
Home ranges of female cunner, Tautogalabrus adspersus (Labridae), as determined by ultrasonic telemetry.
Cunner, 9.8-11.5 cm in body length, were secured in a holding chamber and a respiratory current of chilled water was passed through the mouth and over the gills.
Preliminary field validation of daily growth increments in lapillar otoliths of juvenile cunner. In Fish marking techniques (N.
The scallop juveniles that have settled directly on the sediment bottom in areas devoid of eelgrass likely suffer huge losses from predation by sand shrimp, mud crabs, and small fishes such as gobies, Gobiosoma bosc; juvenile cunners, Tautogolabrus adspersus; and scup, Stenotomus versicolor, that prey on juvenile scallops of about 12 mm in height.
Predation upon postlarval lobsters Homarus americanus by cunners Tautogolabrus adspersus and mud crabs Neopanope sayi on three different substrates: eelgrass, mud and rocks.
Paradoxical effect of cadmium exposure on antibody responses in two fish species: inhibition in cunners (Tautoglabrus adspersus) and enhancement in striped bass (Morone saxatilis).
Davy Johnson (Cunners), Big in stature, big in heart (Thank you all).