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any shape that is triangular in cross section

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Second, pharmacological and non-pharmacological stimulation centered interventions in temporal gyrus, precuneus, cuneus and supramarginal gyrus.
Our findings revealed significantly decreased VMHC in the bilateral calcarine cortices, lingual cortices, cuneus, superior occipital gyri, middle occipital gyri, and precentral cortices in EB group.
Those with smaller cuneus and precuneus grey matter volumes experienced pride more readily; those with larger right inferior temporal volume of grey matter experienced gratitude more readily.
FDG uptake at baseline was lower in the left parietal region of presymptomatic carriers than in the healthy controls, and at follow-up, this difference spread to the left posterior cingulate cortex and other parietal regions and to the left middle frontal gyrus and the bilateral cuneus. Presymptomatic carriers had significantly greater FDG uptake in the frontal and temporal regions and the right thalamus than did PiB-positive MCI patients, which persisted through follow-up.
Apathy in PD is caused by a dysfunction or neuronal loss in a complex neural network, which is not limited to the limbic loop of the BG, but includes the mesocorticolimbic pathway, the caudate nucleus, the lateral prefrontal cortices, the inferior medial frontal gyrus, the cingulate cortex, the insula, the cuneus, and the temporoparietal region [131, 132].
Results: Compared with the preoperation counterparts, the PA patients with improved vision after the operation exhibited reduced ReHo in the bilateral thalamus, globus pallidus, caudate nucleus, putamen nucleus, supplementary motor area, and left hippocampal formation, and increased ReHo in the bilateral cuneus gyrus, calcarine gyrus, right lingual gyrus, and fusiform gyrus.
Enlargements were seen bilaterally in the superior temporal, posterior middle temporal, and inferior postcentral gyri, and superior frontal gyrus, straight gyrus, cuneus, and precuneus in the medial views of the right hemisphere [55].
* decreased connectivity in the left cuneus and left inferior parietal and the right middle temporal lobes
The main effect of AD was hyposynchronization in the medial temporal and frontal regions and relative hypersynchronization in posterior cingulate, precuneus, cuneus, and parietotemporal cortices.
Compared with the normal controls, the regions expanded in the blind men's brain located at Brodmann 19, 31 where one finds the occipital lobe, cuneus, superior occipital gyrus, limbic lobe, cingulate gyrus.
Structural abnormalities in the cuneus associated with Herpes Simplex Virus (type 1) infection in people at ultra high risk of developing psychosis.
Smaller clusters were found in the posterior cingulate cortex, and the occipital lobe (lingual gyrus, cuneus).
DESCRIPTION: Male: Overall length 2.90, length from tip of tylus to cuneal fracture 1.90, maximum width (across base of cuneus) 1.00.