cuneiform bone

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a wrist bone that articulates with the pisiform and hamate and lunate bones

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Micro-CT study: 2D micro CT image in an axial plane reveals the bipartition of the medial cuneiform bone. Two articular surfaces, supported by different trabecular structures are evident, showing two different articulations constituting the union between the two pieces.
Additional attention was paid to check whether vassels or nerves were compacted at the fractures or articular facet before reduction to prevent the iatrogenic injuries.7###The second tarsometatarsal joint should be firstly reduced if the fracture is relatively intact 3.5 mm-cortical bone screws or 4.0 mm-cannulated screws were used to fix the intermediate cuneiform bone from the base of the second metatarsals via the second tarsometatarsal joint.
In this anomaly, the cuneiform bone is divided horizontally by a synchondrosis, partitioning the medial cuneiform into plantar and dorsal segments.
His break was at the base of the fourth metatarsal bone and under the surface of another small bone, called the lateral cuneiform bone.