cumulus cloud

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a globular cloud

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Flying through the curtains of rain under early-developing cumulus clouds can be okay, but there often is a point at which cumulus clouds mature into cumulonimbus cells, which you absolutely need to stay 20 miles away from.
But the Cumulus cloud is one that challenges da Vinci's description.
It didn't help that my particular model would regularly go into meltdown, losing satellite reception when anything more substantial than a modest cumulus cloud floated past.
As a warm cumulus cloud grows and expands upward into higher altitudes, it will rapidly cool.
It starts out as a harmless, puffy cumulus cloud. When it grows tall with a flat, spreading top like this, it's often called an anvil cloud.
A raging rainstorm can cause a pilot to lose control - an "upset" - amid the rapidly varying vertical air currents inside a mature cumulus cloud, and often the result is a high-speed dive that ends in a desperate pullout, which fatally overstresses the airplane's wings or tail.
For typical horizontal wind speeds, COGS sees a cumulus cloud for ~5-10 min before and ~5-10 min after the cloud arrives overhead the CF's vertically pointing instruments.
If you are flying in an area of unstable air, experiencing turbulence and see a cumulus cloud building, go around it.
Within 12 hours the positive development of both convective cumulus cloud and the increasing middle level clouds showing turbulence were visible and active.
As researchers in a plane approach a growing cumulus cloud, they open an envelope containing randomly assigned instructions on whether to seed.
The study's authors propose further research to examine how boundary layer black carbon aerosols affect cumulus cloud formation and atmospheric events at higher elevations.
The dreaded cumulonimbus is a cumulus cloud that has taken on great vertical and horizontal extent and has a fibrous texture at the top: this is the manifestation of rain, graupel, hail, and ice.
By mid-morning cumulus cloud development was evident.