cumulus cloud

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a globular cloud

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Entering a cumulus cloud at a sub-freezing temperature will almost certainly send you through a shower of supercooled liquid water with drop sizes that could easily exceed 50 microns in diameter.
Some scientists have maintained that cloud seeding -- the practice of dispersing chemicals into cumulus clouds in order to make rain -- is about as effective as paying someone to do a rain dance.
Although these cells can climb well into troposphere, most only get to be about 10 miles or less in diameter and they tend to stand out among mundane cumulus clouds around them.
Convection is the vertical transport of heat in the atmosphere and creates those white, puffy cumulus clouds that can be seen on fair-weather days.
AR400 Cumulus Cloud meets the strict durability requirements of AAMA 2604 while providing long-lasting beauty to the transit center.
The study's authors propose further research to examine how boundary layer black carbon aerosols affect cumulus cloud formation and atmospheric events at higher elevations.
But the Cumulus cloud is one that challenges da Vinci's description.
Mitra Davar's "Intercession," Masih Alinejad's "A Bloody Day of Ashura," Shahla Zarlaki's "The Bathhouse," and Zohreh Hakimi's "The Wandering Cumulus Cloud," grouped together in a bloody quartet, compare similarities and contrast motivations for the violence in each.
This warmer influence is presently limited by dry air above it (the anticyclonic fringe) so the resultant Altocumulus cloud band is not so thick, yet still turbulent enough to assist occasional lower-based cumulus cloud in its convective thrust.
while a fellow pilot reported he saw the plane heading into a huge cumulus cloud and " it must have been a lightning bolt.
It didn't help that my particular model would regularly go into meltdown, losing satellite reception when anything more substantial than a modest cumulus cloud floated past.
As a warm cumulus cloud grows and expands upward into higher altitudes, it will rapidly cool.
It is assumed that cumulus cloud parcels have risen adiabatically to some arbitrary height, where they mix with their surrounding environment.
Make them different from the typical puffy cumulus cloud.