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Synonyms for cumulonimbus

a dark cloud of great vertical extent charged with electricity

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This plume of warm, buoyant air initially appears as a vigorous cumulus cloud, but soon grows vertically into a cumulonimbus, towering into the upper troposphere.
AI sources said that Dreamliners must deviate 60 miles to evade the cumulonimbus clouds, which are heavily ionised and unsafe for flying.
But when blowing over the sea and forming into cumulonimbus clouds, associated with thunderstorms and rainfall, it could cause the sea to be rough, giving rise to 3ft to 5ft waves, that might reach 6ft to 8ft.
"It's exactly like a normal thunderstorm with a heavy cumulonimbus cloud gathering with rain.
They are connected to a towering cumuliform cloud or a cumulonimbus cloud.
Thunderstorms occur with the rapid upward movement of warm and moist air that cools, condenses and forms cumulonimbus or thunder clouds.
While the exact mechanisms are not fully understood, the static electrical charges known to build in cumulonimbus clouds are likely caused by the collision and vertical movement of air containing dust, ice and water particles.
I cannot help but wonder if my little sister enjoys the unlimited scenerya clear blue sky adorned by fluffy cumulonimbus clouds, or an eerie night sky illuminated by the moon and the stars that she miserably missed appreciating during her lifetime.
This increased moist advection saw afternoon convection come to fruition on Sunday and, although drifting eastward, a more usual line cumulonimbus formed from northwest to southeast across northern and eastern Namibia.
Gavin Pretor-Pinney gives a guided tour of the skies from the delicate cirrocumulus cloudlets to the awe-inspiring cumulonimbus thunderclouds.
As well as featuring the aforementioned bands, there are also performances from up-and-coming Newcastle band Les Cox (Sportifs), American artist Kevin Blechdom with Janine Rostron (aka Planningtorock), who are both based in Berlin, Chippewa Falls, Cumulonimbus and The Little Glitches.
39 Generally cumulonimbus (heaped dark clouds) are the most dangerous clouds associated with hail, lightning, tornadoes, downdraughts, downbursts and flash flooding.
Observations have revealed that Florida's summer cumulonimbus clouds generally measure about 30 percent taller than those in New England.