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an election in which each person has as many votes as there are positions to be filled and they can all be cast for one candidate or can be distributed in any manner

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Schemes such as the Limited Vote, the Cumulative Vote or STV were designed to ensure the representation of minority opinion and combat the perceived risk that the simple majority system, used by an expanding and unsophisticated electorate, would highlight divisions and promote social conflict -- or indeed the tyranny of the majority that Lord Hailsham was to warn of, during the 1970s, as `elective dictatorship'.
The 1996 Washington state referenda results match those of 20 previous referenda in Massachusetts, New York, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado, Idaho, California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska since 1996, in which the total cumulative vote against any form of tax aid for sectarian and other nonpublic schools averaged 66.9 percent to 33.1 percent.
The act with the most cumulative votes from the previous Top 20 round and the current Top 15 round wins the Fan Favorite prize of more than $300 in gift cards and the chance to perform at Club Arcada, the venue's third-floor cabaret space.
Here, we collect the results and present the winners with the most cumulative votes.
This approach increases the chance for minority shareholders to be represented on a company's board by concentrating the cumulative votes on one candidate.
He pointed out that recent surveys also indicate that the PML-N enjoys clear majority and that its vote bank is more than the cumulative votes of the entire opposition.
Then the act with the most cumulative votes wins the Fan Favorite prize of $300 worth of gift cards and a chance to perform at Club Arcada, the elaborately decorated third-floor cabaret space at the Arcada Theatre.
The act with the most cumulative votes wins the overall Fan Favorite title; the prize is still being finalized.