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Synonyms for cumbrous

unwieldy or clumsy, especially due to excess weight

Synonyms for cumbrous

difficult to handle or use especially because of size or weight


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FOR a very brief period of time Steve Smith and George Bailey looked like simple, shaky guys doing their bit wearily, cumbrously to get their team as close as they could to the 300-plus target and Barinder Balbirsingh Sran seemed to have put the smile on the faces of millions of Indian fans who watched in awe the rookie fast bowler snaring two quick wickets in the second and third over of his international debut.
With wine alone, one is allowed to think Less cumbrously, and if one may recall Little, there's always tomorrow--when a something sore Gropes in the brain--and shall one not condone The same, the doubt of this, the automaton?
Finally, in 1947 the fact was faced but cumbrously, hesistantly and to an extent, dishonestly too.
Glass has been discreetly selective rather than cumbrously comprehensive.
The hitherto cumbrously functioning and covertly ethnicized secular democratic polity is now besieged by hindu fundamentalists/supremacists, who would like to replace the present constitution with one of a hindu state.