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trouble in carrying or managing caused by bulk or shape

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A government where more decisions are made by Congress and fewer by executive agencies is going to be a smaller government, simply because of the incorrigible cumbersomeness of legislative decisionmaking.
Considering the said and to avoid cumbersomeness the reference system was designed and developed as two separate subsystems:
The cumbersomeness of the process drives many to smuggling or paying off corrupt officials to facilitate their shipments, even as import tariffs are already low enough to be paid legitimately (mostly zero for Asean goods, in fact)-if only trade transaction processes in Customs and other trade regulatory agencies were streamlined and made easy for traders.
113, 132-33 (1991) ("'Cumbersomeness' affords no dispensation to the judiciary to ignore the Article V reservation of amendment to the people.").
This day, deemed exceptional, helped pinpoint some issues of concern such as cumbersomeness of the administration and communication problems that still hamper the achievement of common goals.
What the debacle revealed was that what was responsible for the cumbersomeness of the process to reach a "vocal" coordination of EU diplomacy in the UN was weak EU diplomacy in the UN!
Given the notorious ambiguity and cumbersomeness of Ukrainian legislation, the only way to come up with the correct reading, Petrov says, is to study how the courts have handled similar issues in the past.
First, the commission has proposedrevisions to Model Rule 1.6 ("Confidentiality of Information") requiring a lawyer to "make reasonable effort to prevent inadvertent disclosure of, or unauthorized access to, information relating to representation of a client." A companion comment directs that the "reasonable efforts" required depend on several factors including the sensitivity of the information, the likelihood of disclosure if additional safeguards are not employed, the cost of the additional safeguards and the difficulty and cumbersomeness of applying the safeguards.
What with the possibility of hefty back taxes, and the cumbersomeness of regulations and procedures -- isn't there a simpler way to figure things out?
Through peer observation, interviews, and active participation, Carger explores the cumbersomeness of being an ESL Hispanic in a de facto monolingual society.
"That feeling of tiredness is completely normal because of the cumbersomeness of the Chilean electoral system, which doesn't allow minority representation and favours the same old political figures," said Mauricio Morales of the Social Sciences Institute of Chile's Diego Portales University.
(2) For those who argue for reading sovereign immunity into the Constitution, by contrast, the limitations of these devices--including the need for the Crown's formal consent to suit, the lack of remedies for the torts of the Crown, and the cumbersomeness and infrequency of suit (3)--point toward an immunity in English law that cemented itself in the interstices of the Constitution.
(213) Moreover, any "cumbersomeness" would arise mainly from the existence of two parallel emissions control regimes with different targets (which is constitutionally acceptable), (214) rather than from the emissions trading systems appended to those control regimes.
Further the complexities, cumbersomeness and documentation requirements over and above those which are of a particular law binding create the transactional inefficiencies.
Ten of the questionnaire items were eliminated during expert content validation exercise on the basis of the cumbersomeness and repetitiveness.
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