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Synonyms for cumbersome

Synonyms for cumbersome

unwieldy or clumsy, especially due to excess weight

Synonyms for cumbersome

difficult to handle or use especially because of size or weight


not elegant or graceful in expression

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Time and effort can be saved for the caregiver if the safest and least cumbersome sling is used.
Samir Gibara, chairman and chief executive officer of Goodyear Tire & Rubber, endorsed the development of a common testing, labeling and certification process for tires that would eliminate costly and cumbersome duplication.
Global Banking News-December 17, 2013--Draghi says ECB resolution could be cumbersome
He added: "This system is cumbersome, vindictive and it discriminates.
Shareholders are said to be close to a deal that would end a cumbersome dual-management system.
For many organizations, end-to-end testing is considered too cumbersome and disruptive to operations, so it is simply replaced by more limited testing.
It was very cumbersome for classroom teachers to use," says Adele Macula, associate superintendent for curriculum and instruction.
This is a cumbersome and slow process prone to errors.
The days of mailing cumbersome exam sheets and waiting for responses are over.
The new Gateway wireless networking products let customers enjoy digital content when and where they want to without cumbersome wires.
The PUR-core sandwich plates can be installed on top of damaged or worn plates, eliminating the usual cumbersome removal of the original plates and welding of replacement sections.
The great majority of e-commerce transactions are slowed by cumbersome payment methods including cash and cash-on-delivery.
However, it is too expensive and cumbersome to maintain dedicated reference oscillators for each measurement frequency.
Complicated menu selections and cumbersome directories are a hassle for people trying to call your campus.