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a heavy cannon with a long barrel used in the 16th and 17th centuries

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a medieval musket

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Desperation was such that a 150 year-old, 18-pdr long gun (a culverin drake) that had had its trunnions and cascabel cut off to render it unserviceable, was mounted on a crude wooden carriage and pressed into service.
Early on in the novel, Velisarios' Turkish culverin prefigures both the explosion of the Turkish mine (pp.
To give you an idea of some: bombard and bombardel, culverin, basilisk, falconet, licorne, petard, robinet and the darkly endowed murderer.
These were a Roman gladius (a type of short sword), 1st century AD, bought by the Royal Armouries, Leeds, at Christie's, 28 April 2004, for 54,970 [pounds sterling] (including premium and VAT); an Italian culverin, 1533, bought by the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, from Danny Katz Ltd.
9) Compare Toby's encyclopedic account of war with Gulliver's similarly taxonomic explanation to his master Houyhnhnm in Book IV of Gulliver's Travels: "I gave him a description of Cannons, Culverins, Muskets, Carabines, Pistols, Bullets, Powder, Swords, Bayonets, Battles, Sieges, Retreats, Attacks, Undermines, Countermines, Bombardments, Sea-fights, Ships sunk with a Thousand men, twenty Thousand killed on each Side, dying Groans, Limbs flying in the Air, Smoke, Noise, Confusion, Trampling to death under Horses' Feet, Flight, Pursuit, Victory; Fields strewed with Carcases, left for Food to Dogs and Wolves and Birds of Prey; Plundering, Stripping, Ravishing, Burning, and Destroying" (Jonathan Swift, Gulliver's Travels [Oxford U.
27) By the fall of 1700 four culverins had been landed at Crawleys; four of the six great guns at the South Battery were mounted; four 24-pounders had been landed at the North Battery of which two were mounted; six demi-culverins had been mounted at One A' Clock; and four demi-culverins were landed at Ring Noon.
Overlooking the award-winning beaches with their gaily-painted huts is Gun Hill, where six culverins from the Elizabethan era protect the shore.
Manila defended itself with a wooden palisade and culverins.