culture shock

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a condition of disorientation affecting someone who is suddenly exposed to an unfamiliar culture or way of life or set of attitudes

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However, culture shock is not easy to deal with, especially when you have to function in a new cultural/social/linguistic environment, and can seriously affect interaction with your culturally others at least in the first stages.
I bring this up because I believe culture shock can be one of the best things to happen to us humans.
There's no stopping the husband-and-wife team of Dilip and Saira Budhrani from unraveling the best comedy shows in the world to entertain the local audience and Culture Shock is the latest in Prime i Events' rollicking series guaranteed to leave everyone in stitches.
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"It is a culture shock. Going to some of these places in January or February will be a tough test and if they are not up to it then we will be found out."
While every student abroad will experience some form of culture shock, not everyone goes through it in the same way.
French kid Rosario Latouchent admits moving to Dingwall is a culture shock after growing up on the mean streets of Paris.
Rafael is the author of "Moving abroad - One step at a time," which explains all the steps of moving abroad: from the culture shock of arriving in a new country right through to the eventual return home (which itself often brings about a reverse culture shock).
IPSWICH midfield man Jay Tabb has warned Fulham they will face a culture shock when they start their new life outside the Premier League at Portman Road on Saturday.
This past week I surprised myself when I actually realized I was experiencing some re-entry culture shock. Some of my experiences were favorable while others were not.
CLUB bosses should adapt to a "culture shock" and make sure they do not to blow their huge new TV windfall on players' wages, a new report has warned.
"There is no better culture shock than Stoke when you come from Spain!
All this luxury must be a bit of a culture shock for Spanish forward Michu.
But as the independent report into Birmingham Prison suggests, taking over a prison appears to have come as a bit of a culture shock.
(T) (50884932) 3.15 FILM: OUT OF THE WOODS (2005) A lawyer receives a culture shock and a lesson in life and love while visiting his eccentric grandfather in a rural backwater town.